Cubot X9 review – slim iPhone 6-like phone, with good build quality and hardware


The review will be short, but capacious. You will find most of the information in the photographs and screenshots. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to make full reviews of all my devices, but for the most interesting of them, I’ll try to make at least such photo reviews.

МодельCubot X9
CPUMTK6592m, Cortex A7 ARM v7, 8 ядер, 1360 MHz
Обсяг оперативної пам'яті2 Gb
Обсяг вбудованої пам'яті16 Gb + підтримка MicroSD
Екран5 дюймів, HD 720x1280, IPS OGS LED
Сенсорємнісний, на 5 дотиків
Батарея2200 мАг, вбудована
Зв'язокGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 800/850/2100MHz
SIM карти2 SIM карти, MicroSIM + NanoSIM, у другому слоті може бути вставлена або NanoSIM карта, або карта пам'яті
Камерифронтальна на 5 Мп (інтерполяція до 8 Мп), основна 8 Мп (інтерполяція до 13 Мп), автофокус та світлодіодний спалах, відео FullHD.
ОСAndroid 4.4.4
Мовна підтримкаповний набір мов інтерфейсу Android, 60 мов
Вага150 г
Розміри144x73x7.3 (7,8) мм
ІншеУмовно незнімна задня кришка і умовно вбудована батарея. SIM-карти і карта пам'яті встановлюються в лотках. Лотків всього два: ви зможете встановити MicroSIM + NanoSIM, або MicroSIM + MicroSD. У комплекті йде захисна плівка і оригінальний пластиковий бампер.

The set is rich enough: phone, data and charging cable, additional screen protector (one is installed from the factory), plastic bumper case, key to eject SIM-cards and memory cards, instructions. All this is packed into a strong and stylish black box. Charger in my case was with European plug, 5V, 1A.  In fact, the phone supports the charging current up to 1,1A, so the full charge will usually take less than two hours.


As usual, the manufacturer is not entirely honest about the thickness of the device, in fact, we have 7.8 mm, but the phone is still very thin, and even with original bumper its thickness is only 8.65 mm.

In fact, the removal of back cover is only slightly more complicated than for most phones: you have to remove the 2 screws at the bottom with an asterisk (requires a special tool) and then the cover with a force, but comes off, it is not glued. The battery is connected to mother board by a ribbon cable with connector, so that its replacement is not difficult.

The phone has a tri-color LED indicator of events (configurable in screen settings), but it is placed very originally.

The firmware is Android 4.4.4 with a fairly convenient proprietary shell. PlayStore is pre-installed, the root is not. There are only several pre-installed programs, and none of them Chinese only.
The phone, according to the latest trends, supports smart wake by double tap (works fine), smart gestures, without touching the screen, based on the proximity sensor (very primitive, do not work well), and working with gloves (works fine too, may be turned on and off from settings).
Cubot X9 has a minimal set of sensors: accelerometer, light sensor and proximity sensor.


Factory firmware and technical specs

Wi-Fi works surprisingly good, especially for such a thin phone. GPS is pretty average.

Wi-Fi and GPS

Phone bands:

Screenshot_2015-04-25-20-02-59 Screenshot_2015-04-25-20-03-07

Spoiler title

Level of performance meets expectations. In Antutu Benchmark phone does not hold out up to 30 thousands points, because it is equipped with MTK6592m with slightly reduced clock speed: 1.36 GHz versus 1.67 GHz in standard version and 2.0 GHz in overclocked MTK6592T. Thanks to HD screen and 2GB of RAM, performance is good enough everywhere, including the games.

Performance tests results


The phone is very thin (7.8 mm, and even with the bumper – 8.65 mm), light enough, comfortable in the hand, has a good design (partly borrowed from the iPhone 6) and good build quality. Performance is very good, the same can be said about the price – it is small. Supplied is sufficient, and includes a cover-bumper (which, however, is unlikely to protect the screen of your phone because it does not create a side of the screen). There is a custom tri-color LED (plus it’s noticeable), but it is located in a very original place (see. Photo above).

2200 mAh is enough for a phone with lowered clock speed version of the processor and 5″ HD screen, but you should not expect the perfect battery life. For a thickness of the phone, of the battery is more than good.
The real resolution is 8 megapixels for main and a 5 megapixels for the frontal camera. The quality of both cameras is good.

Among the drawbacks we may notice that you either use two SIM-cards (one of which will be quite exotic Nano-SIM, like in the latest iPhones), or one SIM-card and memory card. 2 SIM-cards and the memory card can’t be used simultaneously. Also, we may mention a non-removable rear cover and built-in battery, but in fact, cover comes off pretty easily, and the battery change is simple too. On the other hand, the phone does not have a “Reset” button – it’s quite a significant disadvantage in case of a major hang-up of the phone. Touch buttons are very clearly visible, but have no backlight. Phone has only the necessary minimum of sensors: accelerometer, proximity and light sensors.

Overall – a very interesting phone for the money, especially if you like thin devices. The hardware also did not disappoint.You can buy the phone here. Do not forget to use the coupon “mykolaspe” to get a 3% discount.If you liked the review, do not hesitate to “like” it and ask questions in the comments.


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